the Coachella Valley Premiere and One-Time Screening of


plus the USA Short Film


Saturday, December 3, 2005

9:00 am - Camelot Theatres Doors Open
(Complimentary Coffee & Pastries)
9:20 am - Introduction of the Film
9:30 a.m. - Screening Begins
Q&A Session follows the Screening
Three filmmakers from our short, RIVERSIDE EVENING, will participate in the Q&A:
Director, Derek Loughran
Writer, Richard Levine
Musical Composer, Rebecca Zapen

Free to DFS 2005 Members with current Membership Card
Guests & Non-Members pay $15.00 per person at the door

About the film - ALL I'VE GOT
A 72-year-old grandmother dies and finds herself on a ferry which will take her across the river to the hereafter.  On the ferryboat she meets her first love, who was killed in a road accident in which they were both involved when they were young.  She is presented with a fateful choice:  to start life afresh as a 22-year-old -- her age at the time of the accident -- and to relinquish all her memories of the life she has lived with her husband and children; or to remain a 72-year-old woman with all her life’s memories intact.  If she chooses the second alternative she will get off the boat when it reaches its destination and will never be truly reunited with her beloved, who has been waiting for her on the ferryboat for fifty long years.   This film brings to mind the spirit of the film “Cocoon."  It’s all heart.
CAST:  Lea Szlanger, Nathan Cogan, Sylwia Trzesniowska, Amit Drori, Yarden Bar-Kochva
Genre:  Drama
Language:  Hebrew, with English Sub-Titles
Running Time:  70 Minutes
USA – 10 minutes
Joining us for the Q & A will be the director, the writer and the musical composer (see above).
Listen to Rebecca now at   Track 7 is from RIVERSIDE EVENING.
In harmony with our feature, this short film is also about relationships and loss.