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Saturday, July 17, 2004

9:00 am - Camelot Theatres Doors Open
(Complimentary Coffee & Pastries)

9:20 am - Introduction of the Film
9:30 am - Screening begins
Q&A Session follows the Screening

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Eloy de la Iglesiaís (El Diputado) latest film is an elegantly filmed and splashy return to cinematic prominence with this story of love between a middle-aged Spanish gay man and a younger ďstraightĒ Bulgarian hunk.  Daniel is a well-off accountant who welcomes Kyril into his bedroom and into his life.  Kyril is a refugee from Bulgaria who has mysterious sources of income, but an incredible body and a charming smile.  In Danielís social circle this type of relationship is common, based on mutual needs rather than on equal partnership.  There are two parallel stories -- the thriller revolves around the mysterious contents of a bag Kyril stashes at Danielís parents' house, a stolen car and mysterious bundles of money.  While the thriller propels the film forward, under the surface is the love story between these two men and Kyrilís girlfriend who arrives to come between them. 
With terrific scenes in gay clubs, at a Bulgarian country wedding and at Danielís parents' spectacular country home, De la Iglesia gives us a truly unique journey with even a tad of magical realism thrown in for good measure.  Features nudity, sex and even a trip to a male bathhouse.

WINNER:  2003 Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian
Film Festival Best Feature Film Award.

RUN TIME:  101 Minutes
Spanish - English subtitles
Not Rated

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