a one-time screening of


Saturday, October 22, 2005

9:00 am - Camelot Theatres Doors Open
(Complimentary Coffee & Pastries)
9:20 am - Introduction of the Film
9:30 a.m. - Screening Begins
Q&A Session follows the Screening
** WITH **
4 Special Guests:
David Beaird, Writer/Director
Patrick Warburton, Lead Male Actor
Marie Matiko, Lead Female Actor
Steven Wolfe, Producer

Free to DFS 2005 Members with current Membership Card
Guests & Non-Members pay $15.00 per person at the door

Max Bright (Patrick Warburton of Seinfeld's Puddy, "The Tick" and "Less Than Perfect") is bitter and belligerent, has a mouth like a toilet, and is so filled with rage toward women that the sensitive viewer might want to pin a warning label on him.  Max even decides he needs a servile Asian bride, for whom he pays a marriage broker $100,000.  However, Mai Ling (Marie Matiko) proves beyond price, though not for any of the reasons Max originally imagined.  He wanted a blend of maid and prostitute; he gets a Buddhist Nun who has selflessly taken her sister's place.  Warburton's performance astounds, and strong supporting work from the likes of Eric Roberts, Carol Kane, Simon Callow, John Glover, Jennifer Tilly and Nora Dunn help writer/director David Beaird create a bold and spiritual "Beauty and the Best" which examines how we court heaven or hell on Earth every day."  --- FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL
The film starts out as a black comedy and evolves into a smart, moving and spiritual drama with a surprisingly heart touching and moving conclusion.
April 2005:  Worldfest (Houston, TX) - Gold Special Jury Award -- Narrative Feature and Hewlett Packard Crystal Vision Award - Dramatic Feature Film
April 2005:  Florida Film Festival (Orlando, FL) - Grand Jury Award - Narrative Feature
July 2005:  Visioinfest (NY, NY) - Outstanding Achievement in Acting (male role) - Patrick Warburton
GENRE:  Drama - with Nudity, Profanity and Adult Themes
LANGUAGE:  English
RUNNING TIME:  112 Minutes